2018 Birdies for Charity: Important funding for us, Boosts your donation

Birdies for Charity 2018

The John Deere Classic gives you a chance to “chip in” with Birdies for Charity.

Support our families who suffer homelessness and make it interesting for you. With the 2018 Birdies for Charity, 100% of your pledged funds go directly to help our mission: alleviating homelessness and helping families in the Quad Cities who have no where to live. The sponsoring corporation, John Deere, covers all administrative fees. In addition, the John Deere Classic, promises at least a 5% MATCH for your donation. For the last four years, they’ve pushed hard and delivered a 10% match! So whatever you can give is increased at no cost to you!

Donate directly at the Birdies for Charity website. Birdies for Charity Donations to both Humility of Mary Housing and Humility of Mary Shelter are being received through #1687 “Humility of Mary Shelter”

Key in: Humility of Mary Shelter (#1687). Donate whatever amount you wish.


Download the 2018 Birdies for Charity form. Complete the form and return it to us. If you’re completing a form from the official Birdies site, please add this name and number as the agency you wish to designate:

1687 Humility of Mary SHELTER, Inc.

Thanks very much for supporting our mission to provide safe lodging for local people facing a housing emergency and a home to those who are in the greatest need in our community.

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