Better Business Bureau honors Shelter: 2014 Integrity Award

2014 Integrity AwardHumility of Mary Shelter, Inc. proudly received a 2014 Integrity Award from the Quad City Better Business Bureau on April 10. As a 2014 honoree, Humility of Mary Shelter receives public recognition for embodying the ideals of the Better Business Bureau.

“Our mission is to celebrate marketplace role models who uphold trust, reliability and ethics. Certainly these businesses are excellent role models because integrity is at their foundation,” stated Chris Coleman, Better Business Bureau President.

2014 Integrity Award

The 2014 Integrity Award honors the Shelter’s outstanding commitment to fair, honest and ethical marketplace practices.

Since 1993, the Business of Integrity Awards annually “celebrate marketplace role models who exemplify BBB principles and uphold our ideals on trust, reliability and ethics,” according to the Quad City’s Better Business Bureau.

Julie BockenstedtHumility of Mary Shelter’s Executive Director Julie Bockenstedt affirmed that integrity is at the heart of the agency’s commitment to the people and community it serves:

Humility of Mary Shelter demonstrates integrity through our relationships with our guests/participants, vendors, funders, donors and community as a whole through ethical interactions and transparent and responsible fiscal and financial policies.

We believe strongly in ensuring that the people we serve are aware of our mission and aware of their own rights as consumers of our services.”

An independent panel of volunteer community leaders selected Humility of Mary Shelter and the other 2014 Integrity Award recipients based on criteria established by the Better Business Bureau.

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