Celebrating Ten Years of Humility Shelter

10 years humility shelterThe QC Times articles below tell a story of vision and faith amidst crisis and fear.

In September, 2008 the world’s financial markets were collapsing – – families, small businesses, multi-national corporations lost trillions of dollars. The crisis impacted every aspect of life – – housing, health care, education, transportation, employment. The 2010 US Census reported a record 46.2 million people were living in poverty.

Here locally, at the very same time, John Lewis Community Services was experiencing extreme financial challenges and was facing closure.

At a time of world-wide financial fragility and local uncertainty, Quad City leaders looked to Humility of Mary Housing to assume financial and administrative responsibilities to keep the Shelter’s services and housing programs functioning.

Ten years later – – we honor our individual and collective vision, faith, and commitment to be with the most vulnerable in our community. We mark ten years of uninterrupted, continuous – – and expanding services at the Shelter to meet the housing needs of our community.

Please make plans to stop by the shelter next Friday, September 21, any time between 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. for an Open House honoring and renewing the commitments made ten years ago.

Global Financial Catastrophe


Humility of Mary Shelter



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