Combating homelessness in the Quad Cities

Humility Homes and Services figures prominently in facing the homelessness issue in the Quad Cities area. KWQC recently produced a two-part news segment that highlights both the local reality and the measures local people take to reduce the human impact and suffering homelessness brings.


Christie Adamson, COO of Humility Homes and Services, says that people are sleeping in unsafe places in our area: “Under a bridge, underneath the pavilion, sometimes it can be as close as a park down the street from us.”

News coverage goes on to describe our outreach efforts:

“So close yet still not within reach for these two disabled men, so Christie Adamson with Humility of Mary had to come to them. She says as a community it takes coming together and understanding the root of the problem.

“The problem we are having here at the shelter is that we are taking people in and then we are struggling to find places to put people because there is not enough affordable units for people, who are very low income,” said Adamson.

In the seven years, that Adamson has worked for Humility of Mary. She says homelessness has not gotten any less.

“Over the last couple of years, we have seen an increase in new faces said Adamson. “Meaning that people are sort of entering the homeless system that haven’t before,”

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