Experts have answer to Quad City homelessness problem

The expense of homelessness drains a community’s resources. Knowing the solution to this chronic problem is vital for the ongoing growth of any urban center. Part 1 of Local Channel 4 WHBF’s three part series addresses the costs and the solution of homelessness. Humility Homes and Services COO, Christie Adamson, explains the local situation to reporter Tahera Rahman in this segment: Growing problem of homelessness costs the QC more money.

Researcher Maya Brennan, senior policy associate at the Urban Institute, demonstrates the local need for affordable housing as a solution to homelessness: “The Quad Cities metro area has more than 11,000 extremely low income renter households and they’re competing for fewer than 2,400 places.”

READ THE REPORT AT OURQUADCITIES.COM to learn the scope of the local homelessness problem.

Report, Part Two: “We’re homeless, not hopeless.”

Report, Part Three: “Stuck in the System: What’s hampering homeless help in the QC”

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