Infrastructure Advocacy

As the President and Congress begin to negotiate rebuilding the US infrastructure, let’s remind them affordable homes and safe neighborhoods are at the foundation of a community’s infrastructure.

Nationwide, for every 100 of the lowest income households, there are just 35 rentals homes affordable and available to them. Right here in Scott County Iowa, there are 7,155 households earning less than $20,150.00 per year but only 423 housing rental housing units available to those families.

Families are being forced into unsustainable leases, paying more than 50% of their monthly income, or doubling and tripling up with family members and friends.

Affordable rental homes for working families, seniors, and people with disabilities is foundational infrastructure.

Any new infrastructure investment plan must include increased funding to the national Housing Trust Fund, a tool designed to increase the supply of affordable homes for those with the greatest needs; an expansion of Housing Choice Vouchers to help connect struggling families to areas of opportunity; and resources to repair and rehabilitate the nation’s public housing stock to preserve this asset for current tenants and future generations.

New and repaired roads and bridges must connect families living in decent, affordable homes to jobs, services and communities.

See link for more information on ways to impact Congress!

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