Lunch & Launch Series will investigate “Quad Cities Housing Solutions”

Lunch & Launch

Series will involve local stakeholders in generating solutions to affordable housing need.

The Shelter and Transitional Housing Council of the Quad Cities (STHC) announced today a Lunch & Launch series entitled “Quad Cities Housing Solutions.” Local advocates and concerned citizens from various sectors are invited to participate. The series’ goal is to bring more attention to the affordable housing crisis in the Quad Cities and to generate solutions.

These gatherings aim to generate local solutions to the national housing crisis. Over the next several months, STHC will convene small groups of stakeholders. They will include representatives from the real estate, legal, faith, civil rights, policy, and human service communities of both Iowa and Illinois.

Why “Quad Cities Housing Solutions” Needed?

The Gap

The Gap identifies national affordable housing needs.

The National Low-Income Housing Coalition’s March, 2018 report “The Gap” identifies a shortage of 7.2 million rental homes that are affordable to extremely low income households. In Scott County, IA alone, the shortage is just shy of 6,700 affordable homes. This shortage of affordable housing makes families double and triple up in inadequate, unsafe living units. Families and young children must separate so that all members of the family can have a safe place to sleep. It’s also common that some who lack housing must sleep in cars and vans. Others must live in cramped and unsanitary hotel rooms.

A total of 21% of all Scott County families are spending more than 50% of their monthly income on rent. The acceptable standard is to spend no more than a third of monthly income for housing. This local housing reality means that our neighbors in the Quad Cities are simply just one illness or accident away from being evicted for inability to pay their rent. Any unfortunate turn of events can force them into homelessness.

We can do better. For more information on the series, please contact: John De Taeye, Director of Development, Humility of Mary Housing, Inc. at  563.484.6901,

Schedule of Events for STHC Lunch & Launch Series:

Thursday, June 7: In Our Own Voices (Participants and former participants)
Thursday, August 2: Developers, landlords, funders
Thursday, September 6: Legal Aid, Policy makers, Civil Rights
Tuesday, September 25: National Voter Registration Day
Thursday, October 4: Service Organizations, Veterans groups
Thursday, November 1: Health Care, Law Enforcement, Group Care
Thursday, December 6, Combined Sectors

  • FINAL REPORT: MLK Holiday week 2019, January 21 – 25, 2019

STHC Members:

  • Bethany Children and Families
  • Center for Alcohol and Drug Services, Inc. (CADS)
  • Center for Active Seniors (CASI)
  • Community Health Care
  • Christian Care
  • City of Davenport
  • DeLaCerda House
  • Family Resources SafePath Program
  • Goodwill of the Heartland
  • HELP Regional Office of Iowa Legal Aid
  • Humility of Mary Housing, Inc.
  • Humility of Mary Shelter, Inc.
  • Project NOW
  • Rick’s House of Hope – Vera French
  • Scott County Community Services
  • Scott County Housing Council
  • Supplemental Emergency Assistance Program (SEAP)
  • St. Joseph the Worker House
  • The Salvation Army
  • Unity House
  • Vera French

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