Shelter opens new clothing, supply distribution center for participants

Fresh Start Corner Closet

A team from Quad City Bank & Trust and QCR Holdings, Inc. stands proudly after establishing the new Fresh Start Corner Closet location.

We’ve set up a new program to distribute clothing and personal supplies to people in need at our emergency shelter. We’ve called this new center our Fresh Start Corner Closet. It’s stocked with much-needed seasonal clothing and toiletries that have been donated to us by people, businesses and agencies in the Quad Cities.

welcome to the corner closet

Folks feel welcome immediately in the nicely decorated Fresh Start Corner Closet.

We opened this new center for the first time at 8 am on Monday, December 4…right on schedule. The Closet served 60 participants in the first 5 days of operation! It’s located on the same block as our shelter, but in a different building. That provides new space and allows for a more organized approach to distribution of these basics.

Fresh Start Corner Closet

Participants appreciate a place to sit and rest as they wait to receive services.

A phenomenal volunteer team from Quad City Bank & Trust and QCR Holdings, Inc. helped move the supplies from the basement storage closet at Shelter to the new location. In just three hours the team boxed and moved all the stock, dismantled and reassembled all the shelving, and sorted and restocked this clothing pantry. This was a Herculean effort and we are so grateful for their help!

Fresh Start Corner Closet

Seasonal clothing is so appreciated by people who have none. Your donations are welcome!

We are eager for volunteers to help us staff the Closet. And, we welcome donations of clean, usable used and new clothing for adults. Personal hygiene supplies are also in demand. To find out how you can donate or volunteer to help, call Patti at 563-326-1330.

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