Merger Name Announcement: Humility Homes and Services, Inc.

announce merger nameThe Board of Directors of Humility of Mary Housing, Inc. and Humility of Mary Shelter, Inc., are pleased to announce the agencies have merged under a new name –

Humility Homes and Services, Inc.

This strategic merger will strengthen our capacity to prevent homelessness and serve those experiencing homelessness in the Greater Quad Cities area. The merger centralizes our administrative, financial, and development functions. Humility Homes and Services commits to utilize best practices and evidence-informed programs with rigorous reporting and evaluation of all of our services. And finally, we will be able to assist with the broader efforts to coordinate and align existing programs and identify gaps in services for persons experiencing a housing crisis in the Quad Cities.

Our main office and the Fresh Start Donation Center continue to be located at 3805 Mississippi Ave., and our emergency shelter and program offices continue to be located at 1016 W. 5th St. in Davenport.

Our Legacy

The New York Times described the 1989 National March for Housing best when they wrote, “Tens of thousands of people marched on the Capitol today to protest the shortage of decent, affordable housing. They included homeless men and women, families who rent but cannot afford to buy homes, state and local officials….”

Several Sisters from the Congregation of Humility of Mary in Davenport were among the thousands that marched in DC. Moved by the Congregation’s call to build community by “working for justice within the human family and caring for earth itself,” the Sisters made the 40-hour round trip bus ride to DC. As a result, they returned inspired and strengthened in their faith to end homelessness in the Quad Cities.

Their faith and dedication turned into measurable action. Almost 30 years later, the agencies they launched own or lease 93 supportive housing apartments and operate the area’s only low-barrier, emergency shelter for single adults. The shelter provides short-term housing for up to 70 adults each night. On any given day, 200 persons– including children, parents, single adults, and veterans – can access personal hygiene products, household items, furniture, and clothes at our Fresh Start Donation Center.

Our Future

“The rent eats first,” notes Matthew Desmond in Evicted, the recent best-seller on America’s housing crisis. According to the United Way’s just published ALICE (Asset Limited Income Constrained Employed) Report, 38% of Quad-City residents must choose between paying for rent, food, health, and education. All residents need housing and food security for our Quad Cities to thrive. When everyone has a place to call home, the Quad Cities will grow stronger and prosper.

Let’s Get Started: Humility Homes and Services, Inc.

Humility Homes and Services, Inc. is committed to build upon three decades of accomplishments. In the weeks ahead, you will see changes that represent our name – including updates to signage, our online presence and monthly communications. We hope you like our changes, and as always we welcome your suggestions. We are grateful for you and that you have chosen to join us in ending homelessness.